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How to prepare for a photoshoot?

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

8 tips by Iryna Maars: Professional newborn photographer with 12 years of experience. #toronto

So, it's decided! The newborn baby photo shoot is happening!

How to prepare yourself and the baby for this process?

What should be considered and foreseen?

All these questions are essential to consider before the event. Today I will give answers to them and will help you properly prepare for the upcoming photo shoot.

1. Do not change your regular daily schedule before taking photos.

2. Do not experiment with foods in the diet - this can cause allergies in the newborn.

3. Shortly before the photo shoot, feed the child - they will be less erratic during the process.

4. Make sure you have 10 diapers, a soft comb (if the baby has long hair), 2 pacifiers (they must be), 2-3 textile swaddles, and one baby blanket.

5. Make sure you have a formula for 4-5 feedings (if they are bottle-fed) or pumping milk for one or more feedings.

6. If the baby has tummy aches, grab the medicine prescribed by the doctor.

7. Think of a snack option for parents because the shooting may last several hours.

8. Prepare the open and lightest space in your house.

9. And most importantly: try to relax and put aside all unnecessary thoughts. After all, fear and doubt are easily transferred from parents to children.

A photoshoot should bring pleasure to both you and your baby. And I will do my best so that you can enjoy the process to the fullest.


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